The pleasure and passion of the table.  

Harvested by hand, from Moon Hare Gardens in Greer, SC, our estate grown herb Artemisia dracunculus, gives the name to Dragoncello (literally Little Dragon). 

The herb, known to many as French Tarragon, has been cultivated from Ancient Greeks to Thomas Jefferson as it was known for its healing properties for the stomach and liver. 

Improved immensely by ageing, this exotic liqueur redolent of spices, faint traces of anise and licorice, scented and aromatic, never coy but enticing, is well served after a meal or alongside biscotti or ice creams, and can be used in fine patisserie baking.

  • Good Food Award Winner 2016
  • Companion to Rum, Gin, or Vodka Cocktails, Refreshing with simple soda water over ice
  • Estate Grown Tarragon is harvested and placed under spirit in less than one hour for maximum flavor

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Vicario Dragoncello Liqueur

Good Food Awards Winner 2016 for Spirits

We are very proud to receive the Good Food Award because it reflects our company and personal philosophy to protect the earth while making a great tasting local product.

"Good Spirits are made by distillers committed to their craft, making responsible choices at every step of the process. Spirits that meet the criteria for entry will be able to trace all of their ingredients, from base distillate to added ingredients, without the use of genetically modified crops and without artificial additives." Good Food Awards