The pleasure and passion of the table.  

Every year, in the month of June, as tradition prescribes, unripe green walnuts coming from the best walnut orchards in Italy create an infusion fit for the gods.  According to the Romans, the gods feasted on walnuts, and therefore, walnuts were thrown by the groom to wedding guests to bring good health, increase fertility, and to keep disease away.

Sip slowly. Its strong personality makes it perfect for drinking at room temperature, preferably at the end of a meal, as it has excellent properties, but it is also fresh when drunk chilled or on the rocks or poured over vanilla ice cream.  Chefs will appreciate the unique dishes they may create from our Nocino, a tradition profoundly linked to Modena Italy, where it represents a veritable symbol of hospitality, with a rich and full-bodied bouquet. 

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