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A very unusual liqueur with an ancient history, which in ancient times was given as a tonic to the visitors of a famous Umbrian temple dedicated to Jupiter Apennine. There is even a reference in Dante’s Divine Comedy (Paradise XXI, 117) when Dante meets a blazing soul, St. Peter Damian, who once worshiped God in the monastery of Santa Croce di Forte Avellana. In his meditation there, he was happy to live on a diet of vegetables and olive liqueur.

Created with only the fresh tender emerging leaves from ancient olives, estate grown at our family farm at Villa Sant’Andrea, Cortona, Italy, and finished with lemon in South Carolina,  this fresh and delicate amaro is  versatile and delightful.  Serve it at room-temperature, or chilled in summer or even heated over on a slice of lemon in winter. It pairs well with ice cream or crepes and can be used to create new interesting cocktails.  

Distribution Partners 

South Carolina: Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits  (800) 922-2224

Georgia: National Distributing Company (404) 696-9440

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California: Skurnik Wines (212) 273-9463