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The splendor of the Seville sour orange is not the bulbous dimpled skin, but how the particularly tart orange zest gives new life to so many cuisines, especially to our liqueur.

It distinguishes itself from other citrus with a spicy blossom fragrance that blends savory to sweet with an exotic perky twang. Marinate Ceviche or Suckling Pig, or pair with desserts like vanilla custard or sorbetto. The liqueur adapts to many uses.

The spiny evergreen is native to Vietnam, but is now grown throughout the Mediterranean region and the world. Perhaps the most pleasing way to use it is in a cocktail, splashed into Gin and Tonic, or transform a Mojito by replacing the lime with Seville Orange liqueur.

We proudly source our oranges from The Orange Shop in Citrus Florida, one of the last family owned fruit growers in the state.

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