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V I C A R I O   S P I R I T S

After vinification, the solids of the wine were lightly pressed. The remaining pomace was soft, crumbly, still humid and highly floral scented. The pomace was immediately transported to the distillery for distillation.

Very limited production. 

Available now wholesale in South Carolina through Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits.

Vicario™ Brandy is made with red wine, distilled in an artisanal "bagno-maria" still. Very different from grappa, made with pomace, our brandy retains the final delicate flavor of the fully fermented wines, clear of harsh tannins; to further enhance its quality, it is aged in oak for a minimum of two years. Because of the finesse of the process, it tends to be assertive, yet velvety and slightly fruity, with a definite grape flavor and a bold red grape finish.

"Brandy, like many other spirits should never be a rushed experience regardless of whether you choose to sip it or mix it into a cocktail. It should be enjoyed, savored and even cherished. It is an escape, a road to relaxation... the epitome of a fireplace drink. It’s a commitment to tranquility that should be savored in peaceful surroundings..." J. A. Shapira, The Brandy Guide

Available now wholesale in South Carolina through Southern Wine and Spirits