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Vicario Grappa, Method of Production


The grapes of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon tended on our property in Cortona are picked, de-grasped, lightly pressed and fermented to produce our wine.   

At the end of the fermentation the seeds and skins are separated from the wine and slightly pressed, still retaining some humidity and the flavors of the fermentation. This is the pomace that is then transferred to the distillery where the rest of the process has to take place.

The pomace is heated by steam until the alcohol and volatile congeners (substances produced during fermentation) vaporize and re-condense in a purified form called phlegm. The vapor mixture is cooled and the collected phlegm is further distilled by a variant of the pot still, using the process of discontinuous distillation in a bain-marie method (no direct heat), gently, without scorching the phlegm, and separating the middle run of the condensing spirit from the heads and the tails, which contain impurities and undesirable congeners.

The spirit obtained, grappa, is left to stabilize for a few months, then is refrigerated to condense any impurities, filtered and added with de-mineralized water to reach a 42% level of alcohol. After a final resting period of a few weeks to allow any possible sedimentation, the finished grappa is finally filtered again and bottled.