The pleasure and passion of the table.  

Salute! LLC is owned and operated by Renato Vicario and Janette Wesley,  who love life and the pleasure of the table.  The love of our family, sharing, and the pursuit of all things artfully created, join us together at the table, in the vineyards, and especially in the kitchen.

Our mission is to bring you the best tasting, all natural products produced with top quality ingredients, sourced from organic or sustainable farming methods.

Renato Vicario, principle wine-maker, liqueur maker and taste educator.

Sommelier Clos de Vougeot and Compagnon de Bordeaux, Oenologist for Vicario Wines, Master Liqueur Maker for Salute! LLC, and author of Italian Liqueurs, The Art and History of a Creation; Writer for Wall Street International Magazine

Renato is the VICARIO behind our products.  His vast knowledge and decades of experience have brought us to the place where we share these delighted drinks with you.

Renato Vicario began his career with taste along side his great grandmother and grandmother who created

Renato Vicario is the author of Italian Liqueurs The History and Art of a Creation, see the video here.

Italian Liqueurs, the book, is available at Fiction Addiction and M. Judson Booksellers in Greenville, SC, Omnivore Books in San Francisco, Kitchen Arts and Letters in New York. Any of these shops can send the book to you by request.

Available in Italy in Italian and English through Aboca Publishing.

A book for those wishing to explore and learn about the pharmaceutical, medical and cultural history of liqueurs through the centuries and, at the same time, discover the past culture of liqueur composition in the various regions of Italy.

The components of a liqueur come from the carefully studied and collected elements of nature around us.

They are then carefully and lovingly blended in a new combination to preserve and stimulate all our senses and give pleasure.

Including approximately 140 recipes of traditional Italian liqueurs, the book is extensively illustrated with historical artworks selected by art editor Janette Wesley, to allow the reader a further in depth look at the cultural ties to herbs, fruits, nuts and spices which make up the colorful culinary palette of liqueur making.

Janette Wesley, from Vineyard and Olive Groves to the celebration at the Table is involved in getting things in motion.

"Saving rare and endangered plants (especially those that provide a great pleasure to the palate!) is very important to me!

So far we have planted many varieties of ancient and rare fruit trees on the property of Villa Sant'Andrea from apples, to cherries, to figs, and the fruit of these plants provide an exceptional treat when placed in maceration, drawing out every goodness in to a well preserved and in some cases, medicinal drink."

Janette Wesley volunteers her time in Greenville, SC and currently serves on the board for Slow Food Upstate.

She is a former Chapter Leader, and Governor for Slow Food USA. The philosophy of Slow Food- "Good, Clean and Fair" works it's way in to all of the Salute! products, made by naturally clean methods respecting the environment, delicious in taste, and at a fair price.  

Renato and Janette carefully tend to the land, along with some super wonderful folks, that surrounds Villa Sant'Andrea, an exquisite vacation rental property in the countryside of Cortona, Italy.  Visit an extraordinary place, surrounded by our vineyards, olive trees, cherry, almond, fig and myrtle trees, rosemary and lavender, and bring Italy home with our wine, olive oil and hand crafted liqueurs.

Our Promise

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