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Coming soon, a pdf download for Vicario recipes.

Contact usif you would like a copy when available.


“For the Cat’s Meow at Maven in San Francisco, bar manager Kate Bolton took the unusual step of mixing nocino with the lighter, brighter flavor of pisco Italia, a fragrant spirit from Peru; her goal was to create a drink that paired well with the restaurant’s dish of albacore crudo with figs, walnuts and orange purée. “I often use spices in my cocktails, because I’m creating a drink to pair with food,” Bolton says. “I want things that will accentuate the elements in a dish, and nocino does that for me.”

Vicario Liqueurs in the Kitchen pair with food or can create a unique and distinct food creation. Especially delicious when used in baking, we are creating recipes now for you, available soon.

Contact us if you would like a copy when available.


"The reason I structure the menus this way is to tell the story..." Alba Huerta, Julep in Houston.

From Aperitivo to Digestivo

Vicario Liqueurs create a refreshing change to your Cordial Menu. Rich traditions developed over the centuries through the pathways of medicinal and aromatic herbs, extracted into delightful drinks. Many of theses stories are in Renato Vicario's book, Italian Liqueurs, The History and Art of a Creation, published by Aboca.

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