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Protecting the Earth

V I C A R I O assurance of responsibilty for future generations

Our goals are based on the principles of high quality and taste, created through strident efforts of environmental sustainability. We seek to develop and sell products which culturally, socially and economically, benefit a sustainable food and beverage system and will source ingredients locally produced organic certified, whenever possible. When locally produced ingredients are not available, and need to travel, we search for the best possible solutions to lessen the carbon footprint when shipping. 

Herbs, spices and fruits are sourced from environmentally sustainable practices, and ones which support fair trade working conditions. Many herbs and fruits are grown on our own farms, either in Italy or in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our spirits are sourced only from grains or fruits which contain no GMO's and not only have a non-GMO company policy, but strive to support rare fruits and herbs to help maintain biodiversity. 

Our efforts include using a light weight bottle, and using the cooler months for shipping to avoid needing more energy for refrigerated containers.

We print only when necessary, and recycle in our office and production areas, composting or reusing as well.

In all production and bottling, water resources are carefully attended. Our farms use only drip irrigation from our own wells, and only when needed.

Very little energy is used to produce our products other than the human kind. We use skylights most always for our lighting, and are mindful of temperature control and other uses and waste not.

We aim to produce zero waste.

All packaging materials are 100% recyclable.

We feel strongly that upholding these practices helps keep the earth in condition for the next generation and encourage all consumers to be mindful of the environment in all practices.

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