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Salute! Research.

It doesn't happen in a flavor house.

Pick up a copy at our Tasting Room when you visit, or order online from Fiction Addiction in Greenville, Omnivore Books in San Francisco and Kitchen Arts and Letters in New York.

We wrote the book on liqueur making, literally.

The research and development for Vicario Liqueurs and Spirits happens on an everyday basis not in a laboratory, but through talking with people who remember their grandmother back in the day... and by reading lots of old books, and meeting local farmers. However, mostly our research has happened in our own vineyards, fruit groves, olive groves, and in our own kitchens. Years of experience making wine, olive oil and liqueurs for our own family, and sharing it with friends has brought us to the place we want to share it with you.

Our products were chosen not because we were promised top sales or to seek awards, but because our friends took a taste and said, "wow."

The creation of a fine liqueur mirrors the art of a fine painting. The elements of both are elements from nature, both observed and collected, then composed by passion, elegantly into a new and different body, to be preserved, shared and celebrated, touching the senses.

Written in the style of Pellegrino Artusi, Italian Liqueurs not only artfully explores how traditions developed in a story-like manner, but offers practical knowledge to create your own liqueurs and stresses the use of freshly picked, biologically diverse fruits, nuts, berries, citrus, herbs and spices, emphasizing the importance of taste and understanding what components go well together.

A book for those who live to discover and create, Italian Liqueurs offers a delightful experience to those who want to put their soul into their entertaining. It is a book for people who want to understand the medicinal and cultural paths as liqueur making journeyed through time, and for those who want to bring the spirit of that history and artful tradition to their friends and family by creating their own unique liqueurs at home.

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