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Wine Enthusiast Best 100 Spirits of 2017

Vicario Nocino Walnut Liqueur

PUNCH by Kara Newman Dec. 12, 2017

"Elsewhere, Naren Young, who describes himself as “a bit of a closet Frangelico junkie,” routinely laces drinks at his bars with the liqueur, ranging from the toddy-style Calypso Coffee (hot coffee plus rum, Frangelico and honey) to a rye-based Manhattan for two. In the case of the latter drink, each serving receives a quarter-ounce of the liqueur, in addition to an equal measure of walnut-based Vicario Nocino.

“I use it sparingly,” Young explains. “When applied with a steady hand, it can add some really subtle nuances to various drinks and pairs with a lot of spirits, especially aged ones.”

Naren Young, Dante at Genuine | New York

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"My favorite find was the line-up of Italian-style, made in Greenville, SC, liqueurs and amari, Vicario (as a spirits judge at Good Food Awards, we awarded their Dragoncello liqueur in our annual blind judging last year). "

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"Edmund’s Oast is one of Charleston’s food and drink treasures. 

They also excel at cocktails, thanks to head bartender Jayce McConnell, like Olde Thyme Punch or classic Chatham Artillery Punch on draft, or Mountains of Madness combining Vicario Savage Cherry liqueur, Stranahan’s whiskey, a blend of three amari, chocolate and aromatic bitters, dusted with an amaro powder McConnell makes himself adding a textural, herbal kick."

The Southern Fork, Podcast #38, provides access to some of the South's most interesting culinary stories.


" Sometimes, at least most of the time I hope, a meal is more than a meal. It can be a time to bond, to celebrate, to linger at the end of the day with someone. That’s the world that fuels the creative passion of Janette Wesley and Renato Vicario of Vicario Liqueurs and Wines and Spirits." -Stephanie Burt, introduction to her podcast.

USA Wines and Spirits to Enjoy by Astor Wines

Vicario Monk’s Secret Herbal Liqueur 
"Fans of European herbal liqueurs rejoice! Now we have a delicious and groovy nostrum made in the USA. Abundant with layers of herbal and earthy delights, the flavors begin minty and sweet, but the finish is complex and lengthy. Was that thyme? Oregano? I will happily contemplate the “secrets” of this concoction any day!"–  Bambi Ray

Town Magazine Article
Making Spirits Bright by Linda Lee
Janette and Renato Vicario make artisanal products courtesy of their Italian roots.

Food Republic  January 6, 2016 by Virginia Miller 2015: Best Drinking Experiences. The Ones We Remember. Southern Edition.

Virginia writes of Edmund’s Oast in Charleston, South Carolina, "Thanks to head bartender Jayce McConnell, the place also excels at cocktails, such as the Olde Thyme Punch or the classic Chatham Artillery Punch on draft, and Mountains of Madness, combining Vicario Savage Cherry liqueur, Stranahan’s whiskey and a blend of three amari, chocolate and aromatic bitters. It’s dusted with an amaro powder McConnell makes himself, adding a textural, herbal kick. 1081 Morrison Dr., Charleston, SC 29403;

— Virginia Miller

The Upstate Business Journal, Vicario Wine and Spirits, page 6. "Vicario Wine and Spirits’ “little

dragon” is a winner.   The Dragoncello Liqueur handcrafted by Renato Vicario at his Greer micro-distillery Salute! LLC was named as recipient of a 2016 Good Food Award."

The Greenville News has created a video on Salute! LLC Imports.

Special thanks to writer Lillia Callum-Penson for her in depth work on the article published on August 24, 2013

Link here to the video.