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Introduction Amaro

Enchantingly musical, this captivating amaro begins with a special blend of roots, barks and herbs. Sweetened with organic Appalachian Mountain honey, it is opalescent, warm, and delightful.

An intensely bitter-sweet tonic taste leads into an aroma of white currents, rhubarb, and spices that create the crescendo while the tannins persist like a bass drum. At the conclusion, the aromas of fruit, chestnuts, vanilla and coffee create an incredibly long finish.

It is purposely unfiltered, to retain the complete aromas of the herbs and spices used in its preparation. You will go on a journey from sweet and floral scents to an intense herbal finish. Enjoy it at any time of day, perfect on its own after a meal, or on the rocks; it can also be an innovative ingredient for cocktails.

Wholesale Distribution Partners

SC LKN Distributors, Contact Robert Ageenko. (704) 287-2085

NY, NJ and CT and CA through Skurnik Wines. (212) 273-9463

GA contact National Distributing. Jeff Hagley (404) 696-9440

AZ contact Hensley Beverage Company/Quench Fine Wines and Spirits Daniel Dillon (623)245-7989

The Wine Enthusiast Rates Vicario Sorcerer's Song Liqueur


"This liqueur is rusty orange in the glass, with an aroma that suggests horehound and orange peel. The palate reads as sherried, with honey, dried apricot and baking spice, plus burnt orange peel bitterness on the finish. The producer recommends it as a hot drink in winter."

The Wine Enthusiast Spirits Editor, Kara Newman  

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