The pleasure and passion of the table.  

SFWS Silver Medal Winner.

Synonymous of well-being and pleasure. Glycyrrhiza glabra, the licorice  plant, finds its optimal geological and weather conditions in Calabria, a region in Southern Italy, where we source our ingredients. 

Licorice, a legume with sweet roots, is long and delightful as a liqueur.  The taste is far removed from commercial impostors. Empty your mind of preconceived ideas of the taste of licorice, and let the true authentic flavors envelope a new beginning with the "Black Soul" as this liqueur is called in Italy.

Pairs well with beer, mint, lemon, berries, or dark chocolate.

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Wholesale Distribution Partners

SC LKN Distributors, Contact Robert Ageenko.   (704) 287-2085

NY, NJ and CT and CA through Skurnik Wines. (212) 273-9463 

GA contact National Distributing. Jeff Hagley (404) 696-9440

AZ contact Hensley Beverage Company/Quench Fine Wines and Spirits Daniel Dillon  (623)245-7989