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VICARIO Savage Cherry Liqueur

Viscole, or Cantiano Cherry, an antique variety of wild sour cherry, grew wild on the farm property at Villa Sant'Andrea, in Cortona, Italy. Working with Isabella della Ragione of Archeologia Arboria, we sought to create an orchard of these marvelous fruits. On the verge of disappearing, the viscole variety used to be very appreciated on homestead farms or wild harvested, as it was convenient to pick and eat the fruits or create jams or liqueurs all in the same day. The fruits never developed much of a commercial presence as they are fragile, need to be hand picked, are consumed by flocks of birds the moment they become ripe, and spoil quickly. We think it is the best cherry overall for liqueur making, and so we monitor them closely, and collect them just before the birds descend.

The Cantiano Cherry is part of the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Wholesale Distribution Partners

SC LKN Distributors, Contact Robert Ageenko. (704) 287-2085

NY, NJ and CT and CA through Skurnik Wines. (212) 273-9463

GA contact National Distributing. Jeff Hagley (404) 696-9440

AZ contact Hensley Beverage Company/Quench Fine Wines and Spirits Daniel Dillon (623)245-7989

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