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Vicario Monk's Secret Liqueur, created with many exotic herbs, spices and with fresh estate grown mint at our own garden in Greer, South Caroilina and collected at the balsamic moment, just as the flowers begin to open.

"Amaro is a spirit that not only encourages, but requires consumers to become intimately familiar with each brand's methods and history. While bitterness is an integral component of amaro, it is but one factor that contributes to a quality end product. " -Bartender Alex Bachman of Billy Sunday in Chicago.

Monastery brew houses and elixir distillers from different religious orders have been in existence all over Europe since the early Middle-Ages. Beyond being a place of worship, their gardens provided guests, and the inhabitants, food and medicinal plants. The Cistercians, Benedictines, and Trappists were part of a network of religious houses which exchanged ideas and procedures but also kept a few secrets. After careful reading of ancient monastic texts, we crafted this maceration of over 15 aromatic herbs and spices and named it after these famous monastic orders.

It is an exquisitely round and exotic liqueur, a relaxing yet powerful and excellent digestive.

"This liqueur, which appears to be loosely inspired by Chartreuse, has a dull green olive-oil hue and a concentrated aroma that's like inhaling a slightly bruised bouquet of fresh herbs, including mint and lemon verbena. Thick and viscous in the glass, look for an intense anise sweetness up front and a stingingly spicy finish, like jalapeño and menthol."

The Wine Enthusiast Spirits Editor, Kara Newman

Wholesale Distribution Partners

SC LKN Distributors, Contact Robert Ageenko. (704) 287-2085

NY, NJ and CT and CA through Skurnik Wines. (212) 273-9463

GA contact National Distributing. Jeff Hagley (404) 696-9440

AZ contact Hensley Beverage Company/Quench Fine Wines and Spirits Daniel Dillon (623)245-7989

The Fifty Best Award Winner 2019

Double Gold Medal

Vicario Liqueurs Monk's Secret

(Vicario Wine & Spirits, SC)

Nose: 30 herbs, cumin, coriander, cardamom, coriander, spices, Indian restaurant, anise, fennel, absinthe, mint, lemon, citrus, peppers, olive oil, perfect blend of green & spice.

Palate: Tarragon, allspice, curry spices, cinnamon, clove, much herbs, my garden, fennel, mint, spearmint, eucalyptus, grassy, super lemon-y, honey, rich, luscious.

Finish: Clove, spice, herbs digestif, herbal grows, mint, menthol, chartreuse, well balanced, wonderfully clean, fresh, complex, super interesting, delicious.

"Certified SC Grown. It's a matter of taste."

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