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VICARIO Cocoa Inferno Liqueur

"Heat cannot be separated from the fire, or beauty from The Eternal.  The path to paradise begins at the inferno” wrote Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy. The Olmecs, Aztecs and Mayan peoples adored cocoa as a gift of the gods, and often drank it with hot pepper, vanilla, and spices.  Even the name of the plant, Theobroma cacao, translates to "food of the gods."  VICARIO creates a dark chocolate and hot pepper liqueur bursting with witty pungency by carefully blending Criollo cocoa with estate grown Habanero chili, Bourbon Vanilla, and Cervia sea salt, once only reserved for the Pope.  The world's finest Cocoa, Criollo, is a rare and fragile treasure with notes of almond, vanilla, and antique rose petals alongside the infernal habanero. Fire begets glory, as the long tastes linger on the path to paradise.

Tasting  notes: Criollo Cocoa brings the nuttiness of hazelnut-almond cream, freshly baked crusty bread,  vanilla,  rose petals, with notes of pumpkin, caramel and ripe cantaloupe forward towards the heat of the habanero, layered with sea salt, and vanilla. The finish  is an astrigent  bitter sparkle of theobromine.
35% ALC. By VOL.



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Fifty Best Silver Medal 2022

"Aroma: Chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa, bitter chocolate, demerara sugar, caramel, gingerbread, orange peel, Mexican red chili, chili spice, spicy.

Palate: Chocolate, cocoa, spicy chocolate, peppered chocolate, Red Hots candy, caramel, orange peel, jalapeño, chili, lingering spice, heat, salty, sweet/sour, zesty.

Finish: Chocolate, touch of caramel, orange peel, chipotle, nice heat, luscious mouthfeel, complex, interesting, compelling."

"Certified SC Grown. It's a matter of taste."

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