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Available at BOTTLES, Greenville, SC by special order.

Our Grappa is obtained from the distillation of the pomace of the grapes produced in the care of the Vicario family.

Typology: White grappa

Vine variety: Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin of the grapes: Cortona, Tuscany, Italy

Pomace: After vinification the solids of the wine were lightly pressed. The remaining pomace was soft, crumbly, still humid and highly floral scented. The pomace was immediately transported to the distillery in regulatory food-grade containers

Distillery: Distilleria Alboni, in Colle Val d’Elsa, a small but very well-known artisan distillery in Tuscany

Characteristics of the still: Distillation of the pomace in traditional discontinuous still with steam heating (bagno-maria method). The obtained low-alcohol product is then distilled by a fractional distillation in a copper column. Bagno-Maria is an ancient distilling method, dating to the 4th C., used to have a greater control in treating delicate ingredients. The pomace is heated in water or steam until the alcohol and volatile congeners (substances produced during fermentation) vaporize and re-condense in a purified form.

Refining: 8 months in inactive recipients, followed by 30 days cold storage to settle any precipitation, then filtration. After another 6 months resting time the grappa is bottled

Alcohol content: 42%

Service: In a small tulip-shaped grappa glass, at a temperature of 16°-18° C

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color: Clean, transparent, crystal-clear

Scent: Intense, with sensors of ripe grape berry and notes of green sage and wild cherry

Taste: The fine nuances do not hide the full, vigorous and structured body; long and persistent aftertaste

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