The pleasure and passion of the table.  


Historically, the traditional medicinal extract was made with chinchona bark and a blend of aromatic herbs as per the ancient recipe against malaria and other ailments, Quina has a spicy aroma with notes of coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel.

Our liqueur, made with carefully monitored quantities of chinchona bark, and with citrus, aromatic and balsamic flavors, and can be enjoyed neat, at the end of a meal, on the rocks for summer pleasure or hot with a twist of lemon to fight winter colds. We choose the best variety on Chinchona from native lands in the Southern Hemisphere, Cinchona calisaya, to create the best tasting liqueur. Try it frozen in ice trays and served with your favorite dark chocolate desert.  Vicario Black Labeled Liqueurs are prepared for the acute enthusiast.

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Distribution Partners 

South Carolina: Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits  (800) 922-2224

Georgia: National Distributing Company (404) 696-9440

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California: Skurnik Wines (212) 273-9463